Towing Service:  If the vehicle does not start or if it has mechanical or electrical failure, we’ll tow it anywhere in UAE, to either:

  1. a)  The nearest dealer garage.
  2. b) A garage of your choice.

Jump Start

Battery Boost:  In Case of a “Dead battery” we’ll jump-start the vehicle to get it moving.

Flat Tire

Flat Tire Change: No tools or can’t change it yourself? No problem!  We’ll change your tire, and if no inflated spare is available, the vehicle will be towed.

Fuel Delivery

Petrol Delivery: Emergency supply of fuel would be delivered to your disabled vehicle in order to reach the nearest petrol station.


Locked out of Car: If by chance the client got locked out of his vehicle, then we will send a professional person who will open the vehicle and get the keys.


Towing Service

Jump Start

Battery Boost

Flat Tire

Flat Tire Change

Fuel Delivery2

Petrol Delivery


Locked out of Car

24/7 toll free call center

Our 24hour toll free number call center and  our network  of  service providers all over the U.A.E ensures that  Auto Assistance members get service at any given time anywhere in  the U.A.E You  don't even need Fill if calling from a phone booth.